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Super Fund Investment Loans

Use your Self Managed Super Fund to buy investment property
  • Suitable for those who already have a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) or are planning to establish a SMSF.
  • Use a SMSF to borrow and invest in real estate – this may be a strategy to diversify your investment portfolio and accelerate wealth creation.
  • A limited recourse loan, so other assets of your SMSF are protected.

Legislation changes in September 2007 gave Super Funds the ability to borrow to invest in property.  In response to this in 2008 the first SMSF Loan became available and was offered by only 2 banks with only limited loan options.  Today the majority of Financial Institutions offer SMSF Loans and interest rates, fees and loan to property value ratios offered vary widely between each of the lenders. We are able to compare these for you and make a complex process simple.