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Popular reasons for refinancing include:

  • Getting a better deal – Are there cheaper interest rates available, helping to reduce your repayments if needed?
  • Home Renovations – refinancing the Home Loan to cover renovation costs
  • Construction – refinance to cover costs of building a new home
  • Consolidation of Debts – refinancing to include personal loans, car loans and credit card debts into the home loan to take advantage of the lower interest rate
  • Changing Lenders – not happy with your current Lender How Does my Home Loan Compare? If you have had your current loan for a number of years , it may be that it no longer suits your lifestyle or investment needs. Or, perhaps your current circumstances have changed since you took out the loan and it’s time to review your situation.

Given that the mortgage market is constantly changing, it is a good idea to give your home loan a health check.